About Us

OLDPublishing Limited was founded in Romania.The company’s goal was to create an international infrastructure for continuous growth and development in important areas of publishing services. As of today, the company has representatives around the world and provides high-quality services to an ever-growing number of customers. Using modern communications and technologies makes OLDPublishing work extremely effective. The exchange of information between our staffs and customers in virtually any part of the world occurs instantly.

Why OLDPublishing?

Customer care is at the heart of our company. Our staff are committed to finding solution that is tailored to the individual needs of the client. The customer service managers are always at your disposal and are ready to provide practical advice based on their experience so that you can choose the most beneficial solution for you. OLDPublishing network can offer customers significantly reduced prices compared to the competitors, while continuing to provide high quality services.

OLDPublishing staff has key knowledge in the areas of academic and fiction publishing, book printing and distribution. All the personnel were trained in order to always perform their work tasks and provide our clients with services at a highly professional level. Each of them specializes in his field, with most of the main employees working in publishing industry on managing positions in large national and international publishing houses for more than ten years and thanks to their experience the new hired staff have the opportunity to adopt their knowledge and competence.

We also think that the classical books are a great way to share the knowledge with upcoming generation, especially the students. A new book on the research field can be like a treasure for the young researchers. As for the authors the physical book is the sign of recognition and the result of hard work.

Being aware of the fact that the books are written with great effort by the writer ensures that we give a lot of attention in the work we do. Every book we prepare for publication is examined with the same care.

We are proud of our significant advantage over competitors: We take care of books and our authors.

Research & Writing

Oldpublishing is a experienced international publisher that provides quality services to the scientists and researchers since 2011. Our goal is to support the  new area of research and discover by making easy and accessible for practiced in and the new explorers to share knowledge with the world.Our e-book archive is easy to access and valuable for the scientific community.Each thesis, scientific works are being evaluated and approved by our wise members of the board.We believe each work is a brick to build new era of the academical development.

Manuscript Services

Dear authors, you can upload your manuscripts to our website from ‘ Become an author ‘ part.Also please don’t forget to fill all the information’s in the submission form.
We are going to get back at you after evaluation period.

Book Production

After the upload of your manuscript, we are going to check if cover image matches with content of your book.The book cover represents the first visible reference to the book in any advertising effort as well as the first contact between the reader and the book, conveying far more than simply the author’s name and title.
Our specialists will let you know about their idea. As a reminder, our first choice is always what comes from the mind of our authors.
After selecting the cover image necessary steps will be handling to publish your e-book on www.oldpublishing.com/oldshop and www.amazon.com by our experienced crew.


We are an associate member of the American Booksellers Association, the Booksellers Association in the UK and a member of the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels, the german booksellers association.


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